Fees & Guarantee

Executive Search

Please Request a Standard Terms And Conditions Of Business Information Package.

Permanent Placements

This fee schedule applies when a client hires any candidate referred by Teamrecruiter.com within a twelve months of the initial introduction. Referring any candidate to a third party renders the original client liable for the payment of a placement fee. This fee will be based on the first year's salary and/or commission estimated.

Temporary Staffing

Rates for Temporary staff are dependent on required Position. Please request a rate quote for your desired Temporary Assignment.

Contractors/Consulting Services

Rates for Contractors/Consulting are dependent on required Position/Project. Please request a rate quote for your desired Assignment.


A separation fee will apply. Please request a discount schedule.

Internal Recruitment Specialists

Hourly Billing or Performance Base Pay. Request an Internal Recruitment Strategy Booklet.

Permanent Placement Guarantee

We have so much confidence in the quality of our candidates that we guarantee them. For more information request a Permanent Placement Brochure or e-Brochure.

*Corporate Information.
Please request a corporate profile sheet. information@teamrecruiter.com